Monday, May 4, 2015

Teacher Appreciation Week Fun

Happy Monday! 

Soooo excited to be participating in some outstanding giveaways!!!

My friends and I over at Primary Chalkboard have an amazing week ahead for you! Make sure you head over to check out what we're giving away today!

Hint...hint...Primary Chalkboard lovvvvves #gonoodle

Check us out each day this week for more fun!
Primary Chalkboard

I am also thrilled to participate in the 2nd annual We {HEART} Teachers event over at The Applicious Teacher where today's prize pack is all kinds of #teacheressentials that you won't want to miss out on.

Have you filled up your cart yet? Can't wait for the TpT sitewide sale!!!

Sunday, May 3, 2015

InSANE Teacher Appreciation Giveaways!!!!

Happy Teacher Appreciation Week Eve!

Teachers are some of the hardest working, caring, and passionate people I know. You never hear a teacher say, "I'm in this for the money, fame, and fortune".  Teachers teach because they have a passion for learning, sharing, and changing lives one lesson at a time.

So this week, my fellow teachers, is about you! Let's celebrate those little victories that never find their way onto a standardized test, like that one student who actually grabbed a copy of your favorite read aloud book for some quiet reading at their desk!

This week, in honor of you, I've joined forces with some of your favorite bloggers and teacher companies to bring you the 2nd Annual We {HEART} Teachers Event!

You thought last year was good... wait 'til you see what we've got for you this year!

This event will run from Monday, May 4th through Friday, May 8th and I promise you won't want to miss it any second of it!

Over 40 of your favorite teacher bloggers and teacher companies have joined up to bring you some amazing prizes, freebies, and deals!

 All my FAVES!

Here's a peek at what's up for grabs this week!

 I want that Alex and Ani bracelet!

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No for real.. .like $10,000 in prizes more...

So, be sure to check back each day to enter for your chance to win HUGE prize packs, grab up some FREEBIES, and see some amazing deals.

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ANNNNDDDD... because I am just soooo excited about this event, I've got THREE  TpT GCs up for grabs today and tomorrow!

This will be the PERFECT thing to help you clear out that wish list during the TpT Sale this week!

YEAH... That's right, TpT is hosting a two day sale to say THANK YOU for all your hard work too! (I convinced them for ya! ;)) I'll have my ENTIRE store on sale for 20% May 5th and 6th, and you can save and additional 10% off by using the code THANKYOU at check out. That's a total savings of 28% off! #WIN

Want to win?! Enter below!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

I'll be back tomorrow with MORE prizes, goodies, and fun! XOXO!

Sunday, March 29, 2015

Viva Las Vegas GIVEAWAY!!!!

 Can you picture it now?  YOU in LAS VEGAS? 

How about YOU in LAS VEGAS attending a one day session of the SDE conference?

Primary Chalkboard is giving away YOUR CHOICE of a 1 day session at SDE!

So, will it be Singapore Math, Differentiated Instruction, I Teach K, I Teach 1st, or the newly added I Teach 2nd? 

How fun is that?

BUT, that's not all, we're also including a $25 gift card to the SDE bookstore, CRYSTAL SPRINGS.

So, NOW can you picture YOURSELF in VEGAS?

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Here's how to enter for a chance to win.

Hop through our Facebook pages and collect a tip for your (possible) visit to Vegas.
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The winner will be picked on April the evening of April 5th.

A HUGE thank you to SDE (Staff Development for Educators) for their kind and generous donation!

Monday, February 23, 2015

This, That, and a $20 TpT Giftcard Giveaway!'s been over a month since my last post and I've got some guilt about that....because I appreciate you all so very much!

I have boat loads of post ideas in my mind and "on deck" for this little bloggy blog. Reading Workshop, Writing Workshop, Differentiation, Personalized Learning...


I hope.

I reallllly hope.

But I have to be a mom, wife, teacher and friend first (love making memories with my peeps)....and deal with laundry, grocery shopping and other "life factory" stuff in between.

And even a little bit of flying out to Pasadena to present at the SCKC conference!! I've been tweaking my presentation and am getting super excited to get out of the WI cold and get warmed up for a few days!

My presentation is about Digging Deeper into Shared Reading...maximizing Shared Reading throughout the year with your first graders. 

I'll also be presenting in Vegas this coming July at I Teach 1st!! Eeek! #commenceheartattack

For your bloggy patience and understanding, I'd love to share a little love...TpT love, that is.

Growing Firsties
Winner of the Gift Card: Brandi from Success in Second Grade!!!!!!!!
TpT will be having a sale and I'll be throwing my store on sale for two days this week! Weds 2/25 & Thurs 2/26.

There are so many incredible sellers and for any time you've spent in my store or on my blog, I am grateful!

In case you're planning to visit my store, here are two new products I've added recently...they're the first packs in a new ELA and Math series of Differentiated Practice.

first grade place value practice

l blends r blends first grade practice

Here are a few explanation slides from the packs...
Growing Firsties
 l blends r blends Growing Firsties


When I shop a TpT sale, I go for the bundles from my favorite sellers! If you've had your eye on any of my bundles, they'll be 20% off PLUS 10% more when you use the code HEROES...that's 28% off!

Here are some of my bundles...
Growing Firsties Common Core Reading Workshop
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LOVE me a sale and I hope you win this gift card!!

I'll be giving Winner's Choice to a blog commenter! Please leave a comment telling me where you're from and a favorite book. I'll choose a comment to win $10 to my store.

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Monday, January 19, 2015

Working With Writers Who Struggle to Complete Their Writing

I'm a systems girl.

When I don't have a system for something, I muddle around and around and around.

And feel ineffective.

Drives me nuts.

So, I try to develop systems for the "big" parts of my teaching.

Writing Workshop is one of them.

A little background first...our district follows both the reading and writing curricular calendars from Lucy Calkin's Teachers College Reading & Writing Project. We are a "Workshop" district for both Reading and Writing, which I love!

Today I want to share with you a system for keeping track of which writers are writing and which ones need support. It keeps me on track for who I need to be nudging for productivity by checking in on his/her ideas and writing plan.

It also helps me plan mid-workshop interruptions, loud compliments, student goals and mini-lessons.

I'm a bit of an "out of sight, out of mind" kind of girl. Some might call it "visually organized."

That hasn't worked in my favor when I've implemented routines and procedures that have students put their finished work in their writing folders. Some years I tried collecting the folders. #couldntstandthemess

So, I started using this system the last two years, and this year have used it consistently with my class and it's worked well!

Here goes...

After determining the amount of student writing time for the week-ish, I set a target for how many completed pieces writers should be able to finish in that amount of time.

Students hand completed pieces in at the end of the writing workshop time each day as they complete it; I have them hand it in at the end so that they have their work right with them for partner or group sharing time (which we have nearly every single day).

I keep a skinny little class list and a big ol' binder clip handy. When the child hands it in, they set it on top of the "done pile." At the end of the day or of writing workshop (or the next morning...or...or...or) I read their piece and jot instructional notes. If it fits what done is supposed to look like, then I mark a tally mark next to their name and clip it in to the pile.

Currently, done is supposed to include completed editing circles on each page...I love having writers build the habit of revision and editing early on!! The editing circles are RIGHT.THERE. and really seem to help.

Once a writer gets to three tally marks, they are able to choose the genre they'd like to write.

For the sake of ease for grading and conferring, I clip the students work in their classroom number order. As the pile grows larger, it takes a titch longer, but there are generally only 4-8 done pieces each day so it's manageable.

My instructional notes could be about individual nudging for students, whole class mini-lesson opportunities, writer "shout outs," mid-workshop interruptions and also strategy group work I could be conducting soon.

For the particular pile in the picture above, we've been working with informational writing and based on the amount of writing time we had for a certain period, I determined that they should have three pieces completed. Once completed, they could choose to write personal narratives, work in their writer's notebook or do more informational writing. Soon, we'll begin opinion writing and that will be a hoot!

One glance at the tallies helps me know quickly who is struggling to complete their work during the work time (or who might be spending so much time on their illustrations). This helps me know which students to confer with about their ideas and plans for writing. I can also see who, after a nice string of work time over a few days who I might have a strategy group with to discuss how I can help support them to finish their work by using their work time well.

Things happen, though, and I am flexible. A systems girl with choice and flexibility within the system. #otherwiseigocrazytown

What are you wondering about? What have you tried in your writing classroom?

Sunday, January 18, 2015

$25 (x 2!!) TpT Gift Card Giveaway

Hoping you found loads of great ideas during yesterday's Bright Ideas Link Up! My post was about a fabulous and free site where you can create and publish books...I'm excited to use it with my class!

Today, I'm teaming up with Megan Wheeler from Mrs. Wheeler's First Grade for a giveaway!

Lovvvve me some TpT and my wish list is FILLED right now. $25 would come in super handy!!

If you happen to head over to my TpT store, you might be interested in some of these any pic to get to it.



Leave a comment below sharing something you do to help yourself beat the winter blues and a random commenter will be selected to win $10 to my store. Head over to Megan's blog and enter for $10 to her store, too!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Saturday, January 17, 2015

Free Site for Creating & Publishing Stories

So, I had a plan for this month's Bright Ideas. A product-free, no affiliate links, blog link up where contributors share tips that are helpful for teachers.

Without going into too terribly much detail, let's just say I had a COMPLETELY different post be-bopping around in my head. Took photos to post.

And then...Life Happens. (Camera's with needed pics are left at school. Why didn't I use my phone? Gah.)

Plans change.

Enter my colleagues, Angela and Kate. They are fifth grade teacher bloggers with expertise and experience in personalized learning. They blog over at The T.E.A.M. Togetherness and have loads of great ideas!

Angela shared one with me today.

And now it's my Bright Idea tip for this month. Whew!

Her wonderful student teacher (more an intern) found this amazing and FREEEEEE site called Story Jumper where you can make your own storybooks and publish them online for free and also in paperback ($12.95) or hard cover ($24.95) REAL BOOKS.

You don't HAVE to publish can share them online for free.

Talk about motivating!!!! It looks like you can use them as a fundraiser for your school, too. #nomoreexpensivegiftwrap

Authors create the graphics using the tools on the site or pictures can be uploaded and used as the illustrations.

There are many examples on the site to read and a great tutorial about how it works.

My mind is spinning with how I can make it work with my first graders, since they don't keyboard....but I'm motivated for sure!!! I'm kind of thinking I'd get parents involved with typing and taking/uploading pictures of books their children have written in class.

Yet, creating right on the site seems so fun, too!!

Would LOVE to hear if you've used the site!!!

If you enjoyed this post, please consider following me on Facebook, Teachers pay Teachers, and/or Pinterest! There are LOTS of other Bright Ideas for you to read about from bloggers...make sure to check them out below!