Saturday, September 29, 2012

Common Core Personal Narrative Unit Giveaway...finally!

Hello, hello!
I'm thrilled to offer you the (long-promised) giveaway for my writing unit: Starting Point - Personal Narrative! Hoping that with the student samples and other additions that you'll find it is worth the wait! The giveaway will go until Wednesday, October 3rd.

This unit is about 3-5 weeks depending on how you implement. You can always condense it if you need to. It was created from 1st and 2nd grade Common Core Standards, but could be utilized in 3rd grade as well. The student samples are from 1st graders in my class this year. I am hoping down the road to be able to add 2nd grade student samples. So if you are a 2nd grade teacher who wins or buys this unit and would be willing to send me some photos, that would be WONDERFUL!

Here are the preview files to give you an idea of what's included in this 60ish page unit...

I've will be giving away 5 copies in two different giveaways...for a total of 10 copies given away. Some of you prefer rafflecopter and others prefer blog comments. Please choose ONE way to enter, but not both. 

Option 1: (I will use to generate the 5 winners.)
To enter by blog comment, please leave me a comment at the bottom of this post with:
1. The name with which you follow me. (For example, if on Google you follow me by your blog title, please put your blog title. If it's your first name and last initial, please put that. If you're not sure, scroll over the followers to find yourself to see.) If you follow me via feedburner email, leave me the email address that you gave to feedburner when you followed me by email.
2. Follow me on TpT. If you have a TpT store, let me know the name of your store. I'd love to follow you back!
3. Briefly tell about an embarrassing moment in your work or home life. Embarrassing moments make for GREAT personal narratives!! (I'll share my embarrassing moment in a future post when I reveal the winners.)


Option 2 - Rafflecopter, enter below...

a Rafflecopter giveaway
Thanks so much for your interest!


  1. This looks so awesome! Will you let me know when your rafflecopter opens? I'm dieing to enter!

    The Learning Tree

  2. This looks awesome..... I follow you Special Teacher for Special Kids....

    Hmmm embarrassing moment... well I was out at dinner with friends and at the bar / restaurant they had guy who was creating balloon people/animals. I told my husband that I should learn to do that. Well since he overheard me say that he decided that he was going to get me up on the bar and have me be his assistant while singing happy birthday to me!! It wasn't my birthday and I never commented on a balloon maker since.

    :o) V.
    Special Teacher for Special Kids

  3. Love this writing unit! I follow you as.... Amanda Lawson

    Embarrassing moment is when I was announced as Teacher of the Year a couple years ago and was not even there to hear it because I was in my classroom working and forgot about our staff meeting...

  4. I hope I win it, but if I don't I am going to buy it!!!

  5. I forgot my embarassing moment.......I had a students from Japan in my class and decided to try to translate my newsletter in the new Microsoft word translator for his parents. It looked amazing when done so I copied it quickly and sent it home..............with 20 students. I copied the japanese version for all.

  6. Embarrassing moment for me is when I got my son up for school, drove him to school, and found out that it was a Professional Development Day! I was wondering why there were no cars or students around when I was driving!

  7. Embarrassing moment...showing up and work realizing when I changed out of my boots that I had put 2 very different shoes in my bag! I follow you as
    Teach With Laughter

  8. Hi Lisa!!!
    What an AWESOME giveaway!!! I'm going to keep my fingers crossed for this one! :)
    I follow you under Curious Firsties.
    On TPT I follow you as Maria. (I don't have a store yet... Not brave enough for that....yet)

    My embarrassing moment has to do with my Middle Lady. We took the girls to Build-a-Bear after I had our third. My girls were washing their bears after the stuffing and I said, "Don't forget to wash her ears, face, head." Without a beat, my middle said, "And her butt and bagina". Yes.. out loud... in the store.... RED, VERY RED was I.


  9. I follow your blog under the name teaching.joys! This would be a prefect unit to go along with the CC

    Teaching Joys

  10. I follow you on TpT! My store is under the name Teaching Joys. Thanks again for the chance to win!

    Teaching Joys

  11. Embarrassing when I was younger I was roller blading with friends in the neighborhood and was trying to be cool and I went to do a trick and ripped my pants right in the bum! Yup! Proud moment. =]

    Teaching Joys

  12. Hi Lisa, I stopped by and became a follower tonight. This unit looks great. Thanks for following my blog too. I entered the rafflecopter way…

    Ms. Hutten’s Buttons

  13. I am a follower of your blog and TPT store. An embarrassing moment was when I used the soap dispenser at school and it shot liquid soap right at crotch level! And I couldn't wash it, since that would mean taking off my trousers, washing them while standing half dressed, and trying to dry them with the hand dryer...which doesn't even dry hands, much less clothes!

    tokyoshoes (at) hotmail (dot) com

  14. I just found your blog by a comment that you left on another blog. :o)

    I follow your blog by email and TPT under

    Embarassing moment at school....I just introduced myself to all of my students' parents on Open House with NO VOICE! I woke up the morning of, and had absolutley zero voice. It was not the way I wanted to introduce myself at all!

  15. Missed it :(. Would love to get a better look at your writing paper with the circles on the bottom ? Thanks. AnnMarie I teach Kindergarten and we submit graded writing samples weekly so I'm really interested in your packet.

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