Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Flash Freebie - Updated Place Value Games

"It is easier to build strong children than to repair broken men." Frederick Douglass

That quote resonated with me at church yesterday. So poignant. So true. So relevant in this day and age. My heart is still heavy with the Azana spa shooting last weekend. Azana is located in Brookfield which is the community where I teach. I have been to that spa (though not for a few years) so I could picture what it looked and felt like on the inside. Heartbreaking. A broken man did that. What happened in his childhood to make him so angry?

On another note, I am working on another writing unit...our current genre is friendly letters. I'll have it up on TpT next week sometime. I love to include student samples in my workshop units (have you seen my Personal Narrative one?), but that adds extra layers to completing it. I'm currently implementing the unit and mining my firsties for samples. They've got some darling ones! Once I take the photos and make preview pages of the unit I'll get it out there. I'll probably give away a few copies, too, like I did with the PN unit. :) 

I added two more versions of the dice game on my Base 10 Block Place Value mini-pack. With the update, I'm making it a flash freebie until my bedtime-ish tonight. You can snag it by clicking the picture. My bedtime is typically 9:30ish (CST, since I'm in WI).