Tuesday, November 27

Oprah (part 2) & Vowel Song Freebie

First...gotta say I have had a BLAST shopping at TpT's big sale! There are just a few hours left...I made round 1 of purchases yesterday and am headed back for more in a little bit here, using some of my TpT credits.

Our grade level uses Composition Notebooks to hold our Poetry, Songs and Chants...we got tired of those perforations on spiral notebooks, which is what we started using after binders annoyed us.

Timely for the holidays is The Vowel Song, sung to the tune of Deck the Halls. Practicing the words to the tune ahead of time is recommended. Hee Hee! It's in two formats - full page and half page.  Thanks, Kim Geswein, for the font! Click the pic to download from Google Docs.

Oprah - Part 2 - The Pre-Show Experience
If you want to read how I got to be in the audience, check this post.

I walked on clouds for a week or two before being able to head down to Harpo Studios. I was thrilled about getting to see the show and be a part of all the excitement that went with it AND about having my guest and several close friends be part of the experience with me (they got picked from their Last Mn Email submissions, too! Yayyy!).

So special!

My two college bffs (University of Wisconsin - Madison...goooo Bucky!) were both picked. Jen & Katie. Jen invited her sister & Katie invited her husband. (Yes, tin the end, they ended up with two of EVERYthing.)

My  guest was my closest teaching friend, Cathy, that had just moved away to Little Rock, Arkansas - she was flying in the day before.

Another new friend was also picked!

The night before I stayed in the hotel with Jen and her sister. We had a blast giggling with excitement at the opportunity to go to Oprah. Not much sleep was had as we reconnected and anticipated the fun of the next day.

Our cab picked us up super early and we got in line at Harpo, meeting my guest Cathy, Katie and her husband. We waited quite a while and it was kind of cold, but totally fun. Everyone in line was excited to be there!

The line started moving and once it was our turn we had to turn in our cell phones and cameras to security. We were also given a number that would be the order we were to go in to get our seats. Not sure what time the low numbers had arrived to be in line. Our number was in the mid hundreds.

After going through security we went to a large reception area with tons of chairs and huge pictures of Oprah and her various guests from over the years. The wait was long, but the energy was high and it was fun finding out where people were from. One adorable teacher had just flown in from Hawaii.

We went to the bathroom...fluffed our hair...redid our lipstick...maybe a dozen times? Gotta look good for Oprah!

When someone started speaking on the microphone, everyone stopped talking instantly and you could hear a pin drop. The next phase was beginning...

Several individual names were called - we had been told that the show was about teachers and wonderful teacher stories. We'd seen some of these teachers getting miked up in the reception area, and they were the names called, so of course they had preferential seating.

Then they starting saying a few names of people the show had selected for pre-seating because they were impressed with something that was in their email submission.

And...Jen's name was called! (She's always been an amazing writer and person.) They said that Jen and all her guests could come forwards for pre-seating. They clarified that "guests" would be everyone she knew PRIOR to being in line that day.

So, the six of us headed up to the audience specialists who studied us with our guest, looking at the colors we wore and whatever else they were trying to do and then picked our spots for us from the reserved seats. Our three pairs ended up in three different sections of the audience, but we could all see each other easily!

The audience specialists seated Cathy and I...


K...I'm leaving you hanging again...thanks for your patience! This has been really fun to re-live and write up. But...gotta get some sleep!

G'night, sweet friends!


  1. Oh my goodness! I can't believe you got to go to see OPRAH! That is like my dream! I can't wait to read the rest. I love your blog!


  2. You are certainly leaving us hanging!!! Bring on part 3!:)

    Granny Goes to School

  3. When is the sequel, I've been waiting...:) Looking forward to it.

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