Saturday, April 20

Product Swap...& Freebie/Giveaway Reminders

This is my first Jessica Stanford Product Swap and I love that I was paired up with Rebecca over at Darlin' In First!

Everything in her store and on her blog is adorable!

I know it's close to the end of the year, but I was just SO tired of looking at my teacher stuff. It needed a major overhaul and I just didn't want to start from scratch.

Enter Rebecca's My Teacher Planner from TpT! She has you download a few freebie fonts and then you're good to go!

It was VERY easy to work with & change things out and I LOVE that I didn't have to figure out the formatting, but I could tweak it if needed.

She has several covers to choose's what I selected...(I used a different font for my info, cuz lately I'm in deep love with Kim Geswein's Be Still and Know.)

She has adorable dividers & lots of editable pages for everything a teacher needs fingertip ready!

All the text above is editable! I even was able to easily do some rearranging...


Editable! I will do mine next year...

I prefilled some beginning of the year slips


Pretty much anything that you need to customize is editable!

I only have a fraction of what she has's the Table of Contents so you can find what you need...

The girl has serious style! And I'm so excited about having a cutes-ified system! Thanks so much, Rebecca!!!

She has a great post about her Teacher Planner product along with some amazing pics of her classroom. Her blog name "Darlin' in First" is VERY true. I want to be in HER room!!!!

If you'd like to see her review of my Rave Reviews Unit for Writing Workshop, head on over to her blog!

Both Rebecca and I are offering a sale on these specific products over at TpT through Monday. 

Here's a link to hers...And mine.

I am so excited to get a head start on next year's planner over the summer! Head over to TpT and check it out...

Have you entered? Tomorrow (Sunday) is the last day! Click the pic to get there...

Have you snagged your freebies yet?

And, if you want to participate in the next Product Swap, which I believe is in June, head over to Mrs. Stanford's Class and click on the Product Swap tab...


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