Thursday, February 28, 2013

Fraction Leprechaun Freebie & Giveaway Reminder

Freebie Fridays

My sweet, hilarious (best one-liners of ANYone. Hands down.), creative and lovely colleague Shelley (of Indoor Recess Bag fame) shared the Fraction Leprechaun a few years ago. 

It was a hit!

But now, it's a copy of a copy of a copy. Blech.

So, I re-did it using the uber-talented Ashley Hughes' St. Patrick's Day clip art. Love her clip art. AND her. She's fab-dorable. And so's her work.

At any rate...every kiddo colors their leprechaun however they'd like.

Then they cut it vertically in half along the line going up the middle (it's kind of hard to see, but it's there).

They each KEEP their left half and swap their right half (the half with their smile) with a classmate. 

Assemble it onto construction paper.

Name their little Leprechaun & add their own names to the label.

This sample cracks me right up! The firstie who made this was QUITE sure that Leprechauns do NOT exist! Even wrote in both spots! Too cute!

You can also do it with fourths...

If you're so inclined, add a little glitter.

Glitter with first graders has been known to make me break out in hives so I probably won't. (Sorry, Greg!)

Maybe you'd like your sweethearts to do some writing about their leprechaun's adventures, too...

 Three types of writing paper: 
Plain, dashed & HWT-type lines.

You can have these pages by clicking right here or on either picture.

In other LuCkY news...who will be the big winner????

I'm super excited to wake up tomorrow and hop onto Rafflecopter to pick a winner for the Life is Better With Friends Giveaway! Just a weensy bit of time left.

Have you entered? If not, click the picture or right here...

And - how cute is this linky? It's from Fifth in the Middle and a darling idea! Head on over to see who blogs from your state and link up, too!

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Sneak Peek & More Chances in FAB March Giveaway

I'm getting SO close to DONE with my next genre study unit for Writing Workshop! Just need to add more student samples and finish up the Teacher Lesson Plan pages...Can't wait to give some away, too! I LOVE sharing!

If you already entered this giveaway...go back to the rafflecopter and increase your chances...I added some more entries to the Rafflecopter....(click the pic to enter)

If you haven't entered, whatchya waitin' for? G.O. (click the pic)

Sunday, February 24, 2013

Friendly March Giveaway!!!

What a pleasure it is to be bloggy buddies with Katie & Greg...hard to believe we haven't been face to face yet! 

I guess being spread out from CA (her) to WI (me) to TN (him) will do that to a meet-up opp! Thank goodness for email, phone, fb and texts. Love them. To bits.

And, one of new buddies is the uber-talented, brilliantly hilarious Michelle from The 3AM Teacher. Have you seen her graphics? Have you seen the amazing work she did on Katie's blog makeover? She's got MAD skills, I'm telling you! But...I'm thinking you are already WELL aware of this fact. :)

The four of us are teamed up for a Friendly March giveaway...cuz Life is better with Friends!!!
When you BLOG HOP, you get to enter 4 times!!!! 

Meaning...enter on my Rafflecopter below...

Then make sure you visit each of the other three blogs - Michelle's, Katie's & Greg's and enter on their 'copters, too. It'll greatly increase your odds!

Thanks, Katie, for the DARling graphic, girl!

Here's the rafflecopter...
a Rafflecopter giveaway

Friday, February 22, 2013

How To Writing, Question-Answer Freebie

My fabulous team was discussing how we don't tend to love teaching the How To writing genre at this time because last year the students' writing in last quarter became less detailed after we completed the unit.

The students included the basic steps of how to do something (make a sandwich, build a snowman, get ready for school, etc), but there just wasn't a ton of elaboration or careful word selection any longer.

After we'd spent SO much time teaching and conferring about elaboration and details!

Of course, some writing was more delightful to read than others, but in general, the overall quality of our student's writing went down.

I didn't like dreading a new genre, so I decided to visit the local library to find some better mentor texts. 

So glad I did - I'm now super excited to get started on the genre this year! 

Here are some of the hilarious books the children's librarian helped me find!
How to Raise Mom and DadHow to Babysit a GrandpaHow to Clean Your Room in 10 Easy StepsHow to Be a Baby . . . by Me, the Big Sister (How To Series)

With these elaborated and delightful mentor texts, I believe our writing will be a LOT more solid!!!

Plus, read aloud time will be a hoot!

AFTER we're done with How To writing, we're beginning Question Answer I whipped up this little freebie.

Students will make inferences in order to match the question card with its answer and then record the matching pair on the recording page.


I'd be SUPER grateful if you left me some 

TpT feedback!

The cover graphic is for St. Patrick's Day, but you can really use this center at any time of year since the cards and recording page graphics are more neutral.

And, finally for the winners of...

Don't forget to download the Preview of Common Core Crunch - it includes three freebie pages from the pack!

Winners of the Friendly Letter Pack:

aconnolly from See Me Teach
Aimee from Primarily Speaking

Winners of Common Core Crunch - March:

Cindy Calenti of Granny Goes To School
Michelle Jaquillard

Check your in-boxes, lovely ladies :)

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Friendly Letter Writing Pack

If you want 3 freebie pages from CCC-March, make sure to download the preview file on TpT!

My Friendly Letter Pack, which I never blogged about back in November when I put it on TpT,  has been 

f.l.y.i.n.g. off the 

(virtual) shelves 

of TpT 

this last week.

Here are some bigger pics...

One of my very favorite TpT comments is about this Friendly Letter Pack!

Awwww - thanks, Cherrie!!! (If you're reading this, Cherrie, please email me at for a little treat!)

As a thanks for all your support, I'm giving 

Common Core Crunch - March

AND the 

Friendly Letter Unit ---

to TWO winners each... 

Four winners in all.

Please follow these rules:

1. Be a google follower. (Choose Join on the right side of the blog.)

2. For each pack you'd like to win, Leave me a comment WITH your email address telling me WHICH pack you'd want and why.
For example, 
Comment #1
I would love the CCC pack because I'd use the sorts in my Daily 5 Working with Words.

Comment #2
I would love the Friendly Letter Unit because I don't love my current materials.

3. Want up to two extra entries? Pin one (or both) of the products and leave me the pin url in a new comment.

Good luck!!!

Saturday, February 16, 2013

Ideas and Eyes, please...Common Core Crunch - March...

I'm thrilled to be finishing up the March edition of Common Core Crunch and I'm super excited about it!!!

UPDATE - It is now available on TpT! Click this link or on any of the pictures...

There are 3 FREEBIES in the Preview, so make sure and download it!

Common Core Crunch is a monthly series of Common Core aligned English Language Arts and Writing printables centered around each month's major holidays or themes.

No cutting.

No laminating.

Just copying.

And thinking.

And learning.

I have used them for:

daily warm up

skills practice during the school day


with substitute teachers

They are so gol-durn handy to have ready!

The debut version - February - sold very well and it's even still selling, over half-way through the month!

March themes

St. Patrick's Day

Daylight Savings 


Here's a preview of some of the pages...

Does this seem like I'm headed in the right direction?

Would love your input...

Tell me in the comments about a skill you'd like to see...and I'll randomly choose some winners to send it to once it's completed!

Please make sure to:

Leave your email address


Follow my blog
(P.S. I smell a giveaway coming soon! I'm awfully close to 500!!!)

Congratulations to these lovely commenters...check your in-boxes! Heidi Harrell, Stacy Renee & Angie of The First Grade Scoop!

Keep an eye on my blog for another opportunity to win!

Thanks a bunch, friends!! I'm so grateful for each and every single one of you!

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Love Notes & Typo (UGGGH)

This is not from today, but it just makes me smile.
"You're a pro"
first grade style

I haven't opened my Valentines from my students yet...gasp...was too busy celebrating with my own kiddos and...

fixing typos in...

I'm BEYOND dying about it.

Pretty much freaking out.

Imagining the printer ink and laminate and time spent cutting apart the cards.

I FEEEEEL the pain of a job that needs re-done in an already insanely hectic teaching world, which is why I'm so freaked out!!!

I am SOO sorry!

If I sent it to you but did not REsend it to you, can you please email me? ( I will resend.

If you bought it this morning (2/14/13) or before, can you please re-download it AND send me an email at I will resend it with an additional treat attached.