Wednesday, April 24, 2013

A Different Kind of Giveaway....That You Will LOVE!!!

Who's ready for a fun, new kind of giveaway?? 

Well, are you as obsessed with Ipsy as we are? I mean, you've got to admit a monthly glam bag of fun is pretty amazing.  Who doesn't love a little surprise something in the mail? We sure do! And it seems like most of the developed world does too! 

Monthly Subscription Boxes are all the rage -- and just about every kind of company is hopping onto this wagon!  You can even get a monthly subscription box for a fisherman... or your dog! 

How's that for cool?

So some of us bloggers got together and thought, "Why can't WE do this?" 

Obviously we don't have the inventory to have a subscription box... but we can't resist a little mystery box!

Special thanks to Melonheadz for making our "box" and to Teacher to the Core for designing the graphic!
US Winners only.
Each month, the bloggers above will host a giveaway of special goodies 

AND digital products, too!!!!

What kind of electronic and in-your-hand goodies, you ask? It's a mystery! 

But we'll be sure to put some of our favorite teacher goodies in there. If you win, a special mystery box filled with our favorites will arrive at your door! 

You'll enter by visiting, following, and leaving a comment on each of the blogs. 

The more blogs you follow and comment on, the better your chance to win! 

Admit it. You're totally psyched. 

And you should be! 

April's box is ready to ship to a winner in the US!

What amazing goodies could possibly be inside this box?? One lucky winner will soon find out! Will it be YOU?
US Winners Only...

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Monday, April 22, 2013

Heads Up & U Choose Winner

Be on the lookout for this upcoming post...

my goal is to post it this week and...

I'd LOVE for you to join the linky with a new or old post about your WW Procedures & Routines!!!


I'll also be posting...

soon and I'll give away a few copies via facebook once it's posted, so keep an eye out.

the winner of this giveaway...


So...go check your email... :)

Thanks SO much for playing, everyone!!! You guys are wonderful!

Saturday, April 20, 2013

Product Swap...& Freebie/Giveaway Reminders

This is my first Jessica Stanford Product Swap and I love that I was paired up with Rebecca over at Darlin' In First!

Everything in her store and on her blog is adorable!

I know it's close to the end of the year, but I was just SO tired of looking at my teacher stuff. It needed a major overhaul and I just didn't want to start from scratch.

Enter Rebecca's My Teacher Planner from TpT! She has you download a few freebie fonts and then you're good to go!

It was VERY easy to work with & change things out and I LOVE that I didn't have to figure out the formatting, but I could tweak it if needed.

She has several covers to choose's what I selected...(I used a different font for my info, cuz lately I'm in deep love with Kim Geswein's Be Still and Know.)

She has adorable dividers & lots of editable pages for everything a teacher needs fingertip ready!

All the text above is editable! I even was able to easily do some rearranging...


Editable! I will do mine next year...

I prefilled some beginning of the year slips


Pretty much anything that you need to customize is editable!

I only have a fraction of what she has's the Table of Contents so you can find what you need...

The girl has serious style! And I'm so excited about having a cutes-ified system! Thanks so much, Rebecca!!!

She has a great post about her Teacher Planner product along with some amazing pics of her classroom. Her blog name "Darlin' in First" is VERY true. I want to be in HER room!!!!

If you'd like to see her review of my Rave Reviews Unit for Writing Workshop, head on over to her blog!

Both Rebecca and I are offering a sale on these specific products over at TpT through Monday. 

Here's a link to hers...And mine.

I am so excited to get a head start on next year's planner over the summer! Head over to TpT and check it out...

Have you entered? Tomorrow (Sunday) is the last day! Click the pic to get there...

Have you snagged your freebies yet?

And, if you want to participate in the next Product Swap, which I believe is in June, head over to Mrs. Stanford's Class and click on the Product Swap tab...

Friday, April 19, 2013

Earth Day Fun

Wanted to share some Earth Day Fun that we've been having in April...

Some bloggy buddies and I have some freebies for you, so make sure you read all the way through...

I have two freebies for is a sample of a printable from ELA Common Core Crunch - May! Click the pic to download and then head down for your other freebie.

For another freebie I have a little craftivity...the pic with Earth is not my original idea...I KNOW I saw it somewhere and have spent serious time trying to figure out where I saw it...shoulda pinned it when I saw it so I could cite the source easily. If you know, can ya please tell me? I'll update and give credit. I'm sort of obsessed with giving credit...
Growing Firsties

Teacher directions are included in the Google Doc download which you can access by clicking here.

For Earth Day, we're using Katie Knight's Easy Ecology pack and it is fab-boo!!! I love Katie's interactive booklets and her fluency passages! She is one of my bloggy besties and I just love that girl!

We've also used Lyndsey Kuster's wonderful "You've Got the Whole World In Your Hands" pack...could that girl be any more talented?

And, I just won Cara Carroll's It's a Wonderful World pack on her facebook giveaway!!! So, I'll be using some of that fabulousness, next week! Lucky, lucky me!

Don't forget to head over to THIS POST of Katie's so you can get easy access to some great freebies!
What have YOU been up to for Earth Day?

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Finding Proof


I PROMise I have not been under a rock!!!

And, I have MISSED you!!! Well, I love your sweet guys make me feel loved.

You guys are THE BEST followers EVAH!!!

I have missed blogging!

Wanna know what I've been up to?

Outside of....






I've been hunkered down deeeeeeep...

(after the kids and hubby go to bed)



Common Core has me freakishly wanting to get my kids to be more automatic in citing evidence for their thinking.

 This pack is a companion pack to...

Click here if you want to learn more in-depth about STAR Readers...they work very well together and independently.

Update: I have also created a pack to teach readers to self-monitor to look right, sound right & make sense. 
You can find out more about my self-monitoring pack by reading {THIS BLOG POST.}

All three are available in my Reading Workshop Bundle.

K...back to Finding Proof...

So, in the ideal world, our readers will be enthusiastically expanding their critical thinking skills by citing evidence from the text left and right to support their answers to questions...

All in their own instructional and independent texts.

But...I teach in the real world.

And that's why I made this pack.

It's my goal for them to do all that in their own text, BUT in my experience, they need scaffolding, guidance and repetition with something a bit more laid out.

Finding Proof has four parts in a progression of skills, each with five different practice pages.

Each page comes with an answer key.

This week I have begun teaching the mini-text passages...I began with #1 in Whole Group, working together to find evidence. I'll use #2 in Small Group, providing feedback and coaching. Some groups will also have #3 in Small Group. I'll try #4 as homework and then give #5 independently is a mini-assessment...

I'll follow a similar plan with the other sections and I'm hoping this will majorly bump my kids up on their final MAP test in a few weeks since they'll be so attentive to the text! (crosssssssing fingers!)

If you use it, I'd sooooo love to hear from you on how it's going! I'm always, always, always open to feedback and suggestions. Feel free to shoot me an email at with your questions & suggestions!