Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Travels with Charlie - Wisconsin

Have you seen this darling Travels with Charlie book series from Blue Apple Books?
Read to the end to learn how to enter & win.

Charlie is the adorable dog in each of the books, hidden on each of the pages!

What my class and I loved about this, was while looking for Charlie, the reader hunts through the various (and random) places in the state.

It made us want to travel to every state in our book!

My class and I thoroughly enjoyed reading "our" book...

With all the testing that's been going on in our world, we had a blast "escaping" with Charlie.

We studied this book as writers AND as touristy residents of the Midwest.

Check out how it's set up...
Here's a closer look at the text side for my state...(we lovvvvved the rhyming style - very playful!)
And the state-map-o-fun side...

We spread the reading aloud over a few days to build in talk time - my students love to travel and many of them had been to many places in the book!

Once everyone had a chance to share their travel stories and soak in the fun facts about the states in our book, we went back to it to study the author's craft moves.

During Writing Workshop we studied this text as a mentor for Writing With Intention...paying attention to noticing what we thought the author did intentionally...

Here's what my firsties came up with:

I was impressed!!

Many students are inspired to be more intentional when setting up non-fiction books in their own writing!

Thanks soooo much, Booking Across the USA!!
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If you'd like to see more about how other folks are using other books in this series to highlight their state, click {RIGHT HERE} or take a peek through the links below.


  1. Was interested to see how these books can be used in an elementary classroom setting. Developing an understanding of an author's purpose and seeing how non-fiction can be fun and engaging is so important. Their list reflects why the children here have enjoyed our copy of Travelin' the Northeast.

  2. What a great book! I'm from Wisconsin too, and this would be a great addition to my first grade classroom. :)

  3. These look so cute! I hope I win!

  4. LOVE the writer's workshop! The maps are so fun!

  5. These books look awesome! Through the Great Peace Academy blog, I learned that the Ohio State flag is the only flag in the US that is not rectangle. It's shape is called a burgee. Cool!

  6. I learned from the Growing Book by Book blog that Hastings, Nebraska is home to the Kool-Aid Museum. Never knew there was such a museum!

  7. At the KC Edventures blog I learned that the World's Fair was held in Missouri in 1904 where both ice cream cones and iced tea were invented!

  8. YAY Wisco! You have some super smart first-graders-almost-second-graders! That is an impressive list!!

    Angela :)
    Hippo Hooray for Second Grade!

  9. Love how you studied the author's craft. Great idea! Thanks so much for being part of Booking Across the USA project.

  10. What a great book series! Love your post! You are such a good teacher.

  11. I learned that the Kool aid museum is in Nebraska from the Growing Book by Book blog.